We know, it’s starting to get colder and darker at each end of the day but you know what… it’s the BEST time of the year for awesome sunrises and sunsets! Have you seen them recently, one word: STUNNING.

Motivation… it’s an interesting word, just like anything it can go up and down. Sometimes we are super motivated and other times we are not. Just relying on motivation alone to get you out to your exercise style of choice will not cut it, especially during winter.

We know bed is soo warm and comfortable especially in the mornings, making you want to stay there for as long as possible but we have some tips to help get you energised and jumping out of bed!

  1. Plan your exercise in advance
    How many days a week do you want to be active? What time of day do you traditionally prefer to move? Some of us are morning people while others prefer to train post work. Impacting this will also be your lifestyle, ideally you want to train in the arvo but it’s just too hard after work, screaming tired kids, dinner to prepare and more. Why not switch it up for mornings? It’s much easier once you form a routine. Whatever time you decide works/ will work for you then BOOK IT IN. Like you would any appointment or meeting. Days and times and if like IOF you have an app to book in on, do it! Or simply use a diary- yes, a paper physical diary will work just as well as your mobile phone or however you keep track of your other appointments. Block that time out. It will make you more accountable and more likely to reschedule should / if something comes up, not just skip it or hit snooze.
  2. Focus on that ‘after’ feeling
    You know the one, you dragged yourself to the gym, swimming, netball whatever your sport of choice is, and yeah it was hard to get there but you know what, you felt GREAT afterwards. Thanks to those happy endorphins exercise releases you’ll feel less stressed, have more energy and also likely be proud of yourself for completing it. Remember those feelings. Note them down and use them to motivate you to just turn up. Given your bed, especially in the morning is likely hard to get out of as it’s so warm and comfortable, made harder by it being dark outside, you’ll need to dig deep and remember why you are moving your body in the first place and really remembering those AFTER FEELINGS.
  3. Change it up
    Chances are with the weaning motivation comes a sense of boredom or can’t be bothered attitude. Maybe it’s time to shake your exercise routine up. Maybe swimming in the ocean or those morning strolls just don’t cut it anymore, maybe you are searching for something new to get you motivated. Why not try a new class- spin (indoor cycling!) or yoga or even your local IOF class, where we keep things varied each and every week. This can really help to mix it up and prevent boredom leading to higher motivation levels and likelihood to stick with your exercise routine.
  4. Get a new wardrobe
    I said it, I’m giving you permission to go out and buy a new workout wardrobe! You are more motivated to get out and move that fab body if you look and feel great. Treat yourself to a few new pieces, especially full length tights, a super comfy warm jumper and some bright colours to spice up your wardrobe. This will keep you motivated to get your gear on and get out that door! Plus if you are warm in your gear you won’t be so adverse to leaving that warm bed.
  5. Get an accountability buddy
    Find a friend or relative who wants to get out and be more active, or maybe one that you want to join. Having someone to meet and try new things with is a great way to keep motivated. Hopefully you’ll encourage each other so when one is in that I can’t be bothered stage… the other will help get them moving and vice versa. Plus you won’t want to let your buddy down, if you said you’d meet them at the gym at 6am, then you’d better turn up or they will be mad! Plus then you will get to experience number 2, that super ‘after’ feeling and you won’t regret turning up!

We hope these tips help you to keep motivated and form a routine during winter. There is nothing worse than starting summer wishing you were fitter and more toned… Try to remain consistent even during the cooler months and your body and overall health will thank you. And you can spring into summer feeling strong, lean, fit and fabulous! I’ll let you in on a secret… training outside in winter burns more calories than in the summer, so you really do get more bang for your buck or time so to speak!

What has worked for you in the past? Do you have any tips to add to the above?

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By: Tracey from Inside Out Fitness