Ah, wine.

We normally associate it with cheese, or a girl’s weekend away, or a Friday night wind down after a week of managing all. the. things.

Our beloved wine is certainly not something we would normally associate with weight loss. I mean, if we’re trying to lose weight we have to give up things like wine. And girls weekends. And fun.

Don’t we?

Ladies, all is not lost. It is possible to drink wine and lose weight, it’s just a matter of how you go about it. So today, I have some hacks that will help you fit into that little black dress, and allow you to enjoy a glass of vino too!

Hack 1 – Earn it

Scary fact: Every gram of wine has 7 calories. This means each glass of that lovely stuff has around 100 calories.

Why is this important?

Because calories are used to give your body energy, and any excess energy is stored in your body as fat. So if wine = calories, it makes sense to burn off those calories before you drink the wine (because who feels like exercising after wine anyway?).

Go for a walk or do a workout session if you plan on enjoying a glass later that day. A 20 minute walk or 15 minutes of cardio will burn around 100 calories, so think of it in terms of how much exercise you need to do in order to drink a glass of wine.

Hack 2 – Eat first

Studies have shown that wine can increase your appetite, which certainly helps explain why we often reach for the unhealthy, processed foods after a few glasses!

Therefore the secret to losing weight without giving up wine is to drink a glass of wine with your dinner, not before. If you really love drinking wine as you cook, then pour a half glass to enjoy while you cook, and another half glass to enjoy with your meal.

Better still, have a glass of wine after dinner when you are already satisfied. This will mean you are less likely to drink too much or feel hungry and eat unhealthy foods later on.

Hack 3 – Drink drier

Drier wines have less sugar than sweeter wines. This is because more of the grape’s sugars have been fermented in drier wines, as opposed to the sugars being intact in the sweeter, less fermented wines. So switching to a drier wine means you are ingesting less sugar, and less sugar in your diet means a healthier, slimmer body!

Hack 4 – Drink lower

Another scary fact: Alcohol has more calories than sugar.

A good idea is to check the alcohol content of your favourite wines. The higher the alcohol content, the higher the calories, and we all know what that means – you need to exercise harder and longer to earn that glass of vino!

Or, you can switch to a wine with a lower alcohol content. Your choice!

Hack 5 – the 80/20 rule

You will have noticed that in all these hacks, I refer to having “a glass” of wine. This wording is deliberate, because the most effective way to still drink wine and lose weight is to indulge occasionally and don’t overdo it!

In other words, enjoy wine in moderation.

Think of moderation as the 80/20 rule. This means that for 80% of the time, you eat well and avoid alcohol, which allows you to enjoy a treat about 20% of the time. Maintaining this balance really is key to achieving long-term weight loss.

Ladies, these hacks show that it is possible to drink wine and lose weight. So if you must reach for that bottle of your favourite tipple, remember these hacks:

  • earn it
  • eat first
  • drink drier
  • drink lower
  • 80/20.

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By: Tracey from Inside Out Fitness