Are you keen to look at improving your overall health and wellness – incorporating Mindset, Movement and Nutrition?

Been feeling tired, lethargic, lacking energy, don’t know what ‘good’ foods to eat, fallen off the ‘wagon’ so to speak, can’t seem to shift that weight, the scales and that dress size just isn’t shifting? Are you looking for more energy, clearer skin, less stress, to feel more positive about yourself (mind, body and soul), to make new friends?

You may have tried the gym or a quick fix program before but looking for something different that will create lasting change for the next month, year, 5 + years…. Join our body transformation program with heaps of FREE stuff! Start anytime as its all online.

What you get:

Friendly, motivating, supportive trainers
A kick ass crew of like minded women to laugh, support and share with
Our Booty Blaster eBook for a ‘perky’ behind!
Our Healthy Recipe eBook
24/7 access to our private online forum with weekly challenges and more
Varied online workouts, you won’t get bored!
Basic nutrition guidelines
Weekly Online Challenges you can do at home (Video content)
12 week home program
Easy content broken into manageable chunks each week, to maximize results

About you
• No prior fitness experience required. No you don’t need to train before you can join! We are suitable for beginners and if you are looking for some fun, something different we have you covered too! We also specialise in post-partum women.
• You are looking for a supportive group of women who will go on the journey with you
• Content broken into manageable chunks each week so you can take action
• Looking for weight loss, to tone up and/or feel more confident
• You lack motivation and need to be accountable (in a friendly way)
• Bored of your usual gym routine/ workouts and looking for something new
All you need is 10-15 minutes per day or 1-1.5 hours per week to digest content and action home workouts!

I am doing this because I am passionate about seeing women achieve their health and fitness goals. Its not what you do for 2 weeks that forms who you are but all the little things you do everyday, consistently that really makes a difference. I want to support you and help you create lasting change.

Are you looking for that bit extra support and accountability? Why not ask us about our VIP option with weekly check ins on top of everything else! One on one time with your trainer to make sure you reach your goals! The best bit is this is all done online so you don’t need to be local to make the most of this offer. Contact us (see below) for more information.



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